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' Cholangiocarcinoma- A Case Series Study

Original Article Abstract Cholangiocarcinoma is a grave malignancy with 85-90% patients presenting to healthcare at advanced stage of disease. Best treatment for this condition is surgery and without surgery median survival is only 5-8 months. The most important prognostic factor is complete resection and absence of lymph node metastasis both of which require early detection. […]

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' Outcome of Patients Undergoing Treatment for Cellulitis/Lymphangitis

Abstract A lot of patients come to surgery outpatient department with persistentlymphedema following an attack of cellulitis/lymphangitis. Many of the patients undergo conservative management with antibiotics analgesics and supportive measures. Some patients undergo fasciotomy for the same. Objective of this observational study is to look for the incidence of persistent lymphedema in patients undergoing fasciotomy […]

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' Assessment of Serum CEA Levels in Different Radiological stages and Histopathological Grades of Colorectal Malignancy

Abstract The study assessed the usefulness of serum CEA in predicting radiological stages and histopathological grades of colorectal malignancy in 202 patients admitted with radiologically and histopathologically proven colorectal malignancy. Histopathology, 68.96% were well differentiated; 42.55% moderately differentiated and 60% poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma. Patients had high serum CEA levels (>5ng/m1). On analyzing radiological staging, 72.7% […]

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' A Study On Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Abstract Estrogen (ER), progesterone (PR), and human epidermal growth factor receptor2 (HER-2/neu) receptors are known as triple negative breast carcinomas (TNBC). They are extremely aggressive with poor prognosis. Here describe the clinical pathological and epidemiological characters of triple negative breast carcinomas in a tertiary care hospital in Kerala and compare with non-TNBC. Clinical, pathological and […]

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' Conundrum of MBBS Admissions

Preamble Year after year, medical admissions in Kerala are becoming murkier and murkier, thanks to the inefficiency, corruption and lack of vision among all the parties involved. The problem can be solved very easily. The Hon. Supreme Court or the Central Government should issue orders accordingly. Dr. YM Fazil Marickar, Principal, Mount Zion Medical College, […]

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